You are good enough.

C R O W N S // When you feel like you’re losing your entire life in a moment, it’s easy to lose yourself to despair.

Barefaced, you see yourself in a mirror - stripped of all the trappings. Who are you, apart from the things that made you? Can you look at loss in the eye say that it is well?

The questions are key. In that burrowing, you realise how silly you’ve looked all this while, clutching onto robes like they could cover your nakedness. In that emptiness, deep in the eye of rage, you come to realise that it’s okay. It’s okay to be emptied of the gold. You don’t need to prove anything - you are good enough.

When you no longer care much about losing your crowns, you don’t lose yourself to them anymore. Crowns have lost their mastery, and you start to live. 🌤

Jean TanComment